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Cricket Tours


India v England
November 2016 - February 2017

Prepare for a journey of discovery that will capture your imagination!

Discover India's fascinating culture, history, stunning landscapes and incredible wildlife on a choice of two great cricket tours.  An ancient land that has consistently beckoned the spirited traveler, modern India is exhilarating and exhausting and will hit you like a runaway train. This is a nation that is constantly changing and embracing the modern world, yet maintaining the cultures, customs and beliefs of old.  Its magic lies in the sheer profusion of peoples and landscapes. A culture aged for centuries and preserved by time itself, India is a kaleidoscope of intoxicating experiences that will dazzle your senses. 

We have crafted two enchanting itineraries designed to bring you ‘up close and personal’ to this incredible country.  With many years experience we know what is worth putting into an itinerary and what to leave out. When it comes to the cricket, we are delighted to be joined by our popular cricket host Clive Radley.

India is frenetic, brash, vibrant and brilliant, and on just one trip you will hardly scratch the surface of this mesmirising country.

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